monium.ext package


monium.ext.command module

monium.ext.configuration module

class Configuration(file: str)

Configuration file handler. Uses the HOCON Configuration syntax.

set_if_not_exist(key: str, value, **kwargs)

Same as set(), but only if the key doesn’t exist

set(key: str, value, *, auto_save=False)

Set config key to value, can use dot notation to access nested keys. Also sets the modified variable, so you can see when you have to save

  • key – Config key with dot notation
  • value – Value
  • auto_save – Save after set
get(key: str, *, default=None)

Get config key, can use dot notation to access nested keys

  • key – Config key with dot notation
  • default – Default value if not found


save(*, force=False)

Save config to file. Does not do anything if not modified, unless ‘force’ is set

Parameters:force – Save even if not modified

Loads the config from file.

monium.ext.embeds module

monium.ext.permissions module

monium.ext.translation module

class Translation(module: Module)

The translation manager

default_lang = ''

Default language of this module

register_language(lang_code: str, config_object: monium.ext.configuration.Configuration, *, default=False)

Register a language file

  • lang_code – ISO 639-1 Language code
  • config_objectConfiguration object that stores language data.
  • default – Set to true if this should be the fallback language when a server asks for a invalid language.
get(guild_id: int, key: str, format_vars: Dict[str, Any] = None) → str

Get a translated string

  • guild_id – Guild to get the string for
  • key – Translation key
  • format_vars – Any formatting variables

Translated string

Return type:


monium.ext.voice module