This page assumes you’ve completed Creating a Simple Hello World Module. If not, check the previous pages.

Ok, you made your module, everything’s going well. But (just pretend) your module doesn’t support multiple servers, and you need to do something specific if that option’s enabled. That’s where the API comes into play. It’s an API with a single function: monium.config.get(), so an example should be enough:

import discord

from monium.config import get
from monium.module import Module

class HelloWorldModule(Module):
    id = "helloworld"
    name = "Hello World Module"
    version = (1, 0, 0)
    authors = ["Admicos"]

    async def on_ready():
        if get("MULTIPLE_SERVER_SUPPORT"):
  "Multiple server support enabled.")

        for channel in self.client.get_all_channels():
            if channel.type == discord.ChannelType.text:
                await self.client.send_message(channel, "Hello, world!")