monium package


monium.client module

monium.config module


Get key from global, or from default config if the key doesn’t exist.

If you’re trying to use this for your module’s configuration, see MoniumClient.get_configuration

Parameters:key – Key

monium.extension module

class Extension

Extension Base Class

on_before_load(args: List[str])

Runs before any modules are loaded

Parameters:args – Command line args
on_load(module: Module) → bool

Runs before module loads :param module: Module class

Returns:Should the module be loaded
on_before_run(client: MoniumClient)

Runs before the bot starts

Parameters:client – Bot client instance
on_before_event_call(event: str, args: Tuple[Any], client: MoniumClient) → bool

Runs before an event’s sent to all modules

  • client – Bot client instance
  • event – Event name
  • args – Event arguments

Should the event continue