Getting Started

This page assumes you’ve already installed Monium, if not, check the previous page.

Creating A Project Folder

A project is no more than a modules/ folder and a file. And to make it really easy, there are a couple commands we can use to generate them for us.

Using mkproject

If you don’t already have a project folder, you can use the monium mkproject shortcut like so:

$ monium mkproject my-awesome-bot

Using mkconfig

If you already have a folder you’re working on (a virtualenv, for example) you can use monium mkconfig to create the file automatically:

$ monium mkconfig

Creating Your First Module

To create a module, you can use the monium mkmodule command like so:

$ monium mkmodule helloworld


Module names have to be an valid Python identifier.

This will create a new moule name helloworld over at modules/helloworld/ This example module will send Hello, World out to every channel it can see when the bot starts up.

On the next page, we will talk about modules, and are going to re-write that module on our own.